Thursday, October 14, 2010

Midterms killed me... ugh

So when the second most traumatizing experience of your college life crushes you, you just gotta eat some french fries and watch a Steven Seagal Film. I'm gonna finish watching Out for Justice with Steven Seagal now, he's out for justice and has some scores to settle. Recommended viewing. Midway through the movie he busts this nĂ­gga in the chops with a poolball in a sling, and the dude sits there spitting out blood and corn kernels, it's GREAT. Plus like he blows this dude's leg off at the knee with a shotgun, that part was awesome also OH and like in the butcher shop man he rocked those guys, he like pinned this one dude to the wall with a cleaver and like...I'm gonna wait. I'll wait for you. To get it.

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